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How to Post Photos and Videos and Requirements

A brief 'how-to'...

Posting videos/pictures on Airnation.net Social Hangar

To post a video already on YouTube:

1. Find the desired video on YouTube.com (or similar video site like Vimeo.com)
2. Copy URL of the Youtube video (that's in the address bar of your computer)...
3. Paste the URL directly into the body of your post wherever you' like the video to appear.
4. The video should appear in your post when you save or post.

To post a picture from your computer:

1. After opening a new thread, click on 'Upload a File' just below the text box.
2. Click on 'Choose File'
3. Select the picture file that you want to use on your computer and click 'ok', 'go', 'open' or 'onward Johnny'
4. After the photo has been uploaded you'll have 2 choices on how you want to display it:

a: Select 'Full Image' to embed the photo straight in to the post...
b: Select 'Thumbnail' to have your photo pop up in its own window.

IMPORTANT: You MUST post a brief description with your video or photo. If not, they will be deleted. We require this to give your postings more chance to be found in the search engines, thus giving you more visibility.

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