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Return flight from Rhodes to Tel Aviv with El Al plane 737-800 4X-EKR

Discussion in 'Trip Experiences' started by mishazeltser, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. mishazeltser

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    Dec 2, 2012
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    Israel Israel
    Hello everyone as i promised here the second video now posted on YouTube.

    Return flight from Rhodes to Tel Aviv with El Al plane 737-800 4X-EKR (white plane without El Al Livery).

    At the beginning of the video you will see the plane after landing taxi in Rhodes airport (thanks to the El Al team that confirmed me take the video of the plane out of the terminal).

    In continuation you will see the amzaing Transaero 747' :) and after takeoff you will see the island of Rhodes.

    Towards the approach to Israel

    You see Sde Dov airport, Kikar Hamedina and Azrieli Towers
    After we move them you will see the new/old runway 03-21 clearly see the new asphalt.

    A few seconds before landing on the 26 see to be the spotting location "Junction Bedek" and after that you will see the symbol X on No. 21 that on the new/old runway 03-21.

    Thank you all for watching hope you liked it.

    Anyone who missed the first video of the flight from Israel to Rhodes here is a link to the video -

    Also everyone is invited to my official facebook page to view pictures from Rhodes here's the link to the photo album - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.663711630320668.1073741851.325748100783691&type=1

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