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Reno FSDO, Western Pacific Region, W.P. Legal, Headquarters. Read The Manual Or Cover Up

Discussion in 'FAA News, Opinion and Articles' started by Edward Jeszka, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Edward Jeszka

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    Oct 12, 2012
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    Birmingham, Alabama
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    I have already posted some information as to the behavior of an inspector while acting in an official capacity and performing a ramp inspection. Just to clarify I wanted to add more information directly from the FAA FSIMS Order 8900.1, Volume 6, Surveillance, Chapter 1, Part 91, Section 4, Conduct a Part 91 Ramp Inspection for those in authority to reference who didn't appear to learn this during FAA Indoctrination. Just for those who can't comprehend what is written I have highlighted in red.

    I would like to suggest that as a result of the failure to pursue the events that took place in Reno to a privately owned Cessna 310 and its unknowing owner that the following folks get a sit down and are required to read and then explain what they have read before being demoted to positions of lesser authority and responsibility or removed from government service. . That would include Daniel A. Castrellon, H.R. and both division manager and his assistant Nicholas Reyes, Keith Ballenger, and Michael Becker's supervisor, Lum Kawehi; John Duncan, Clay Foushee, Peggy Gilligan, and several others.

    When the owner of the aircraft returned to the plane he was livid that an FAA Aviation Safety Inspector had accessed his aircraft without permission. The inspector was, in no uncertain terms, told to get his donkey out of the aircraft, expletive deleted several times. He also asked the inspector how he had opened the aircraft as he had left it locked.

    Go ahead and read the order and then try to figure out why the Reno FSDO didn't do anything with the complaint other than to build a case against the inspector who disclosed the event. They took his certs and he lost his job. Not related? As a whistleblower on the receiving end of FAA Justice I think not.

    chapter 1 PART 91 INSPECTIONS

    Section 4 Conduct a Part 91 Ramp Inspection

    A. Operations: 1661
    B. Maintenance: 3627
    C. Avionics: 5627

    6-88 OBJECTIVE. The objective of this task is to determine that an airman, operator, and/or aircraft is in continuing compliance with Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR). Completion of this task results in an indication in district office files and national PTRS of either a satisfactory or an unsatisfactory inspection.
    6-89 GENERAL. Part 91 ramp inspections are numerous; however, it is important that the aviation safety inspector (ASI) become familiar with the aircraft he or she is inspecting. Ramp inspections involving other 14 CFR parts are available in the appropriate related task heading. This section covers ramp inspections for part 91 operators only.
    Note: Airworthiness and Operations inspectors conduct ramp inspections on airmen and aircraft operating under various 14 CFR parts. The information provided may be applicable to either discipline depending on the conditions observed by the inspector and the 14 CFR part under which the aircraft is operated.

    A. Definitions.
    1) Operator. For the purposes of this chapter, an operator may be an owner, pilot, executive/corporate operator, etc.
    2) Ramp Inspection. A ramp inspection is defined as surveillance of an airman, operator, air agency, or aircraft which may include conducting maintenance record inspections (PTRS code 3694/5694) sufficient to show compliance with 14 CFR during actual operations at an airport or heliport.

    B. Inspector Conduct. The inspector must always have their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) credentials available, since an airman or operator may or may not know an inspector.

    Note: For special considerations concerning surveillance at fly-ins, airshows, and other gatherings of General Aviation (GA) aircraft and airmen, see Volume 6, Chapter 11, Section 10, Surveillance of an Aviation Event, subparagraphs 6-2373A1) through 5). The inspector during a ramp inspection at a glider race or similar aviation event (where a waiver or authorization is not required) should not interrupt or distract a pilot during their pre-race routine within 1 hour of their race unless there is a safety-related issue. Should the inspector need to address an issue, he or she will do it as professionally as possible.

    1) An inspector must not open or board any aircraft without the knowledge and consent of the crew or owner/operator. Some operators may prefer to have a company representative present to answer questions.

    2) If the surveillance will delay a flight, the inspector should use prudent judgment whether or not to continue an inspection that may affect an operator’s busy schedule.

    3) The inspector should also bear in mind that he or she may not be able to complete all items on every ramp inspection, but the operator should provide the inspector with enough information that he or she is confident that the aircraft is in compliance with the regulations.
  2. The Advisor

    The Advisor Hangar Associate Member IV

    Sep 22, 2013
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    Ft Myers
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    I guess things haven’t change too much at the Reno FSDO, we were under the impression that the RENO office disbanded and moved to the Las Vegas office, but we have learned that according to one of the members at the Reno office is back working, but all members are working from home due to the COVID-19.

    And we have further learned that one of their own “LOW Life” middle mangers is under investigation for violation for “Once Again” making up case against one of there own members, using a wife of a another FAA member to making up a “Controlled” instrument of lies by Harold Jones, as far as I am concern; a true ******* Liar.

    And in this process this POS use the members wife and, in which Jone himself wrote the duck entree, while instructor her what to say and write, meaning, Jones’ constructed a FAA documentation in order to be used by management to undermined this FAA Inspector employee! I think that it a seriously infraction and a Felony of both Civil and Federal law! And under United States Code “under Criminal code Federal Law of title 18, which most States follow; under section 115 influencing, impeding, or retailing against a federal official by treating or injuring a member, under Chapter 47: Fraud and False statements, serving not less than 10 years in a Federal prison! WOW

    We have also learned that Jones is under house arrest, “Meaning” he’s getting paid to do nothing while he’s under investigation, also he had to hire his own attorney, law office Ashby & Geddes, as they refer to chapter 11 & 7 cases; basically practicing a general PI attorneys. Now the being the case; question come to light why would Jones have to hire a private attorney instead sucking off the FAA and allowing their own attorney???
    I guess this must be a “GOOD” case against a true idiot , the FAA put into management position.

    Now that being stated, Washington is starting there own case “in addition “ to this total moron, “Jones” on other matters as well. That is going to be real interesting. “Hey Harry” good for you! Now you too can spend a great deal of your retirement money.. Karma CKSKR.

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