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Flying on the Gogo Boeing 737-500… in First Class

Discussion in 'Trip Experiences' started by vegli, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. vegli

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    Gogo’s 737-500, N321GG a.k.a. the “Jimmy Ray”

    Ok, I’ll admit that this flight review will be on an aircraft that 99.99% of the public won’t ever get the chance to fly, and I do feel badly about that… but it’s simply too cool for school to be on a private 737, more so because this particular 737 (a -500 model, reg. no. N321GG) currently has the fastest publicly-available inflight Wi-Fi Internet system in the world.

    Gogo invited AirlineReporter and other media outlets to take flight on the “Jimmy Ray” to test out their new 2Ku system, which was debuted for the first time outside the company. While other tech-oriented companions were obsessed with reloading Speedtest and hammering the system with live streams, content streams, live feeds, and downloads, I was busy poking around the cabin features and amenities. Yea… I am an AvGeek.

    Operator: Gogo
    Aircraft: Boeing 737-5H7 (MSN 26445, Line No. 2327), CFM INTL CFM56-3C1 turbofans
    Departed: Gary/Chicago International Airport (GYY) 2:05pm (+35 minute delay)
    Arrived: Gary/Chicago International Airport (GYY) 3:08pm (+45 minutes delay)
    Class of Service/Seat:First/3D

    On board Gogo’s 737: Details; the embossing on the head rest covers.

    GOGO 737 FLIGHT: At the airport
    Our day would start at Gary/Chicago International Airport in northwest Indiana. Gogo planners had considered using either O’Hare or Midway in Chicago, but decided against those two options because of air traffic not being forgiving or flexible to the fluidity of our itinerary. Aurora, IL, where N321GG is normally based, was also ruled out due to being farther away from Gogo’s headquarters, as well as going with rush hour traffic.

    The private hanger, before our flight aboard Gogo’s 737-500

    We arrived by charter bus from Chicago’s Loop to GYY and headed into a private terminal/hangar. It was a blustery, cloudy day, the type that gave pause to even the most seasoned flyers… we were in for a rough takeoff/landing. The lot of us had lunch while waiting, and when it finally came time to board the Jimmy Ray many of us (yours truly included) ran through the door and out to the tarmac like kids in a candy store.

    I was snapping photos from all sorts of angles, taking a little bit of liberty in straying off the direct path to the airstairs, but not too much (probably due to the TSA-instilled fear we all have). But wait, this was a private flight out of a private terminal – we didn’t have anything to worry about! I was giddily taking my time with the glamour shots of N321GG, while almost everyone else boarded. I start walking towards the stairs to join them…

    Gogo’s 737-500, N321GG a.k.a. the “Jimmy Ray”

    GOGO 737 FLIGHT: Boarding… kind of. Ugh
    NOT SO FAST. A Gogo rep/handler got my attention from behind and said that we had to go back to the building. I watched as he caught up to each individual to tell them the same thing, then boarded the plane. One by one, everyone got off and did the walk of shame back to the terminal building.

    Apparently, the TSA caught wind of our little joyride and requested (read: ordered) Gogo to make us go through the proper screenings before departure. SAY WHAT???

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