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Flight Review: Checking Out Condor Airlines’ Business Class to Frankfurt

Discussion in 'Trip Experiences' started by vegli, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. vegli

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    Oct 12, 2012
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    United States United States

    Airline: Condor Airlines
    Aircraft: Boeing 767-300ER (Version 3 SEA-FRA and Version 1 FRA-SEA)
    Departed: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
    Arrived: Frankfurt Airport (FRA)
    Stops: Non-stop flight
    Class: Business class
    Seat: SEA-FRA 1D then 4A | FRA-SEA 3K
    Length: About 10 hours

    Business Class product on Condor’s 767s

    Cheers: Nicely upgraded product, food that is tasty and fun to eat!
    Jeers: Service on my flights was not consistent. Ground operations in Frankfurt were disappointing.
    Overall: What an amazing value.

    Time to board the Condor 767 in Seattle

    I was originally just going to review my Seattle to Frankfurt flight, but there were enough differences between that one and my return flight that I will do some comparing and contrasting between the two.

    I have to admit that I had some misconceptions about Condor and who they are. About five years ago, I assumed that they were an all-economy, charter-like airline that crammed as many people into their 767s to Frankfurt, Germany. But the more I got to learn about the airline, the more I was surprised with the variety and quality of their new product and service.

    I became aware that they had a premium product (called Comfort Class back in the day), but Condor has been working hard to retrofit their long-haul 767 fleet and update the interior to better compete in the market.

    Today, Condor long-haul flights have the choice between Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class. Even though one might think of Condor as a low-fare carrier, their new Business Class hard and soft product make them more of a competitive player in the market.

    The larger Business Class cabin of the 767

    Unfortunately my trip didn’t start out on the right foot.

    As I was preparing to leave my house for the airport in Seattle, I received notification that our flight was delayed four hours. I checked to confirm that the aircraft was not on the ground and still airborne, so I knew I could hang out at home for a few hour before heading to the airport. Not a huge deal — these things happen and my schedule in Frankfurt was set up where I wasn’t going to miss anything.

    When I got to the airport, I had access to the International Lounge. It is not too big or fancy, but it surely gets the job done (i.e. it has beer).

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