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Flight Review: Aeromexico Boeing 767 Business Class to Buenos Aires

Discussion in 'Trip Experiences' started by vegli, Mar 6, 2015.

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    An Aeromexico Boeing 767 – Photo: Jason Rabinowitz

    I recently had the opportunity to experience the premium product on two major North American (non-US) carriers. I thought it would be a good chance to evaluate and compare the two different products and see how they stack up! I was invited to Buenos Aires, Argentina, by a good friend of mine whose fiancé is Brazilian. They planned a trip to Argentina and invited close friends. Given that going to South America would mean I had visited all the continents (well, apart from Antarctica), I had to agree. In planning this trip, I decided to use miles to make the trip more affordable.

    Much to my surprise, there was no point in booking a flight one-way using miles and the return flight paying cash. Interestingly, it cost the same amount (or more) for a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, compared to a round-trip ticket. This just further reinforced my plan to use miles. I was able to use Alaska Airlines miles to fly Aeroméxico on the flight down, and United miles to fly Air Canada on the return. Funny how that can work, right?

    Unique view of 737-800 departing from Seattle – Photo: Colin Cook

    My outbound route went Seattle–Houston–Mexico City–Buenos Aires. The first leg was on Alaska Airlines to Houston in First Class, next was Aerolitoral operating as Aeroméxico Connect to Mexico City in Business Class, and finally Aeroméxico on the long-haul flight to Buenos Aires, again in Business Class.

    I arrived at Seatac and promptly went to the Alaska Airlines Board Room (my first experience). The staff there was quite friendly and it was a great place to do some plane spotting. After enjoying some coffee, I went down to the gate for my first flight. I became a little concerned when the boarding time came and went and we were still sitting in the terminal. I had a pretty tight connection in Houston (55 minutes), but had been assured I would make my flight just fine. About 20 minutes after we were supposed to board, nothing was happening. Finally they started the boarding process and I had a (brief) sense of relief. Once we were aboard, we continued to sit there. The captain came out and made an announcement that there was an issue with one of the fuel pumps.

    We sat there for another 20 minutes; meanwhile, I was on the phone with Alaska trying to figure out if I should even stay on the plane. Finally, an agonizing 20 minutes later, we were on our way.

    The flight to Houston was uneventful and had the great Alaska Airlines service that I’m used to, especially since I was flying in First Class. Once we landed in Houston, I had to SPRINT to my next gate. We landed with about 25 minutes for me to make my connecting flight. Thankfully, I made it, and was the very last person to get on the plane. But hey, I made it!

    Lunch on my Aeromexico Connect flight – Photo: Colin Cook

    The flight from Houston to Mexico City was nice and easy. It was on a fairly new Embraer 190 and the cabin crew again was friendly. I enjoyed a croissant sandwich and a Tecate (hey, I might as well enjoy some Mexican beer while on a Mexican airline, right?). In business class (Clase Premier) it was a 1-2 layout, and I had aisle access while in a window seat. It was pretty cool to see the Gulf of Mexico in the distance as we flew down.

    Upon arrival in Mexico City, I took advantage of the Aeroméxico lounge, Salon Premier. I must say, it was one of the swankier airport lounges I’ve been to. Cool green lighting and some fancy trees too. My only complaint was that the Wi-Fi was terrible – I would get kicked off every few minutes (if I could even connect). The staff was quite friendly and the overall service was good (of course, I had to enjoy another fine Mexican beer). I had a couple hours until my friends arrived (we flew separately on the first part, but together on the long-haul). So, given the Wi-Fi issues I kicked back and watched some futbal (soccer) on TV.

    The Aeromexico lounge in Mexico City – Photo: Colin Cook

    When it came time to board the flight from Mexico City to Buenos Aires, the process started smoothly. As a US citizen, in order to enter Argentina, you must first pay a reciprocity fee. Essentially, it’s an entrance fee that is valid for 10 years. As part of the boarding process, you had to prove that you had paid this fee (which was all good and fine). Flying in business class, I was hoping to board the aircraft and turn left for the premium cabin. Alas, that was not the case, as we entered through the forward left door. Once onboard the aircraft, it was a bit of a cluster.

    Admittedly, my Spanish is a bit rusty (I took a couple years in high school), so thankfully I had a buddy with me that speaks it better. There was a family that wanted to travel together (two parents and four kids), so they asked me if I would change seats (in Spanish, of course). I wasn’t quite sure what they were saying, so I solicited help from my buddy. I happily accommodated them and started to settle in to my new seat.

    However, it wasn’t long until the the flight attendant came by and informed me that someone else wanted me to change seats. I had to get my buddy to translate again, and finally got it all sorted – we were on our way!

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