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Bill Harrelson Completes Circumnavigation Over Poles In Lancair IV. CONGRATULATIONS!

Discussion in 'Trip Experiences' started by Edward Jeszka, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Edward Jeszka

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    Sat, Jan 24, 2015

    Harrelson Completes Polar Circumnavigation In A Lancair
    Returned To KISO Wednesday
    Pilot Bill Harrelson has completed his attempt to circumnavigate the globe over both poles, landing back at Kinston Regional Jetport at Stallings Field in Kinston, NC on Wednesday.


    Harrelson flew his Lancair IV, N6ZQ, 22,000+ nautical miles, facing and conquering some of our planet's least hospitable terrain and weather.

    In a media release, Harrelson's Team Lobo said the record attempt began when Bill left KISO on the morning of 28 December 2014, bound for Montevideo, Uruguay. It ended Wednesday afternoon with a nearly 5000 NM leg from Fairbanks, AK, over the North Pole to home.

    Following his landing at KISO, Bill's team updated their Facebook page with the following statement:

    "What a display of balance he has provided for us these last few weeks: the perfect blend of patience and aggressiveness, stamina and experience, individualism and team building. We have all had a bird's eye view of a professional performing at the peak of his career."

    The new record won't be official until the data recorders are unsealed, studied and certified, but Bill and his team are confident they followed all the rules.

    ANN congratulates Harrelson for his remarkable accomplishment.

    (Image provided by Team Lobo)


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