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Atlanta airport adds nursing stations after moms lobby

Discussion in 'Airport News, Talk & Discussion' started by vegli, Feb 10, 2016.

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    ATLANTA — The world's busiest airport now is giving nursing moms a quiet place to pump or breastfeed when they travel.

    New mothers said they find the lactation stations a big improvement over public restrooms, which used to be the only option for nursing moms at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

    "I can come here and put up my feet and feed her," said Tiffini Gatlin of Atlanta, a mother of four who gave birth to her daughter Zoë a few weeks ago. "It's relaxing, and definitely comfortable in here."

    Three years ago, a social-media campaign called "Table for Two" used images of models eating in bathrooms to try to persuade the airport to become more family friendly.

    "Many women stop breastfeeding before they're ready" because of the inconvenience of finding a private place to pump or feed their babies, said Monica Ponder, who worked on the Table for Two campaign with Sojourner Grimmett.

    Mamava of Burlington, Vt., created freestanding pods for lactating moms and placed its first in an airport almost three years ago. The company now has four stations on four Atlanta airport concourses, and airport officials said they will consider adding more if needed.

    "We've been listening to our customers over the years, and there's a real demand for these," said Reese McCranie, director of policy and communications at Hartsfield-Jackson. "It took a little while to get here, but we've heard a lot of good things so far."

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